Your interest + our people = Success

“He delivers two things over and over: he’ll tell you the truth, with no BS, and then he’ll love you to death.”

These are the words of assistant coach Chip Engelland, when referring to one of the greatest NBA coaches of all time, Gregg Popovich. Over two decades, Chip and Gregg have fostered a culture of success, a resume that includes five championships, an ongoing record of 22 consecutive playoff appearances, and five players who are – or will be – part of the hall of fame in David Robinson, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginoili, Tony Parker and Kawhi Leonard.

Chip’s observations are an insight into one of sports’ greatest minds, highlighting the importance of honesty, accountability and most importantly, people. Put simply, the right culture ensures strong relationships whilst concurrently, fosters a pathway to success.

In my short time at Orion, I can’t help but draw striking parallels with Chip’s description. Visionaries leading the team with integrity, holding teammates to the highest standards, yet all collectively treating each other like family. The same goes for clients, which results in holistic project wins and corresponding recognition from other consultants in the professional realm.

The Orion culture is contagious. It strives for excellence. Personally it has challenged me to buy into the journey, be part of the family and remain motivated in contributing to the team’s success.

So what does this mean for those outside the four walls? If you already partner with us, I can wholeheartedly say you are in the best hands. For those who haven’t yet, even if you initially don’t believe we can help you and your development ideas, I’d encourage you to reach out, contact us and commence the discussion. Give us an opportunity to be part of the journey with you.

Given the chance, I have no doubt we will deliver on two things: A truthful and constructive response to your ideas and, with no BS, your interests treated as one of our own.


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