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Each month we will be profiling one of our team in a bid to get an insight into Orion. Today we are spending 5 minutes with Senior Project Manager, Joshua Pineda.

  1. Who is Joshua Pineda in 5 words? Dedicated ǀ Studious ǀ Passionate ǀ Understanding | Supportive
  2. What has been your defining moment in life? Surviving a life threatening incident in which I spent an extended time in hospital. It was a real good wake up call though and reminded me to appreciate the most important things in my life – my family and friends. The support they showed me during that time is something I will cherish forever and hope to show them all one day.
  3. In 5 years’ time, what will have been your biggest contribution to Orion? To have been an encouragement to the greater team, someone who helped individuals excel in their profession and find personal fulfilment in what they do day to day.
  4. What attracted you to Orion? Definitely the people! I had worked alongside some of them for a number of years and really valued their qualities as professionals and as individuals. I can also say I played a part in the very first Orion project so felt there was a bit of a connection on a project level too.
  5. If you could choose one song to play every time you walk into the office, what would it be? Tears for Fears – Everybody Wants to Rule the World. There’s a subtle hint of optimism in that one, a real the world is your oyster kind of vibe. It was also the very song I was listening to when I signed up to be a part of Orion Consulting.

Watch this space over the coming months to get to know more of the Orion team.

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