Sydney Science Park CSIRO Urban Living Lab

On the 21st August, Orion Consulting had the pleasure of virtually participating in the Sydney Science Park CSIRO Urban Living Lab STEM project at Pymble Ladies’ College. Over Microsoft Teams, Phil, Nathan and Marie gave a presentation to Year 10 elective Geography students on Drone and Photogrammetry and how we are implementing this in our work at Orion. This presentation included a video of flyover through a land development project under construction which showed completed roads, stormwater infrastructure and land forms that had been modelled in-house through photogrammetry data captured through Orion-led field work investigation.

Orion Consulting uses drones as an alternative to the traditional methods for site inspections and surveillance during the construction phase of our projects. Drones also give us a means of capturing data, such as digital terrain models and survey information, that is useful in our day to day engineering design activities. We have identified further opportunities to use this data and have developed applications that create a 3d visual image of our work that can be explored in virtual and augmented reality realms.

A big thank you to Celestino, Pymble Ladies’ College and CSIRO for inviting us to participate in this worthwhile project and we hope that the students at Pymble Ladies’ College were able to further their knowledge on drones and gain an insight into the contribution this technology has made within the urban development industry through our work and experiences.

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