The Trinity F90

Technology is ever evolving and like always, we are constantly looking for ways to utilise these opportunities to improve the level of service we provide to our clients.

This year Orion Consulting has invested in obtaining an Operators Certificate and the training of staff to be certified with a Remote Pilot Licence through the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).  This license ensures our team has sound knowledge of Air Law, aerodynamics, air safety, aircraft performance and allows us to fly larger and heavier drones for safe, commercial applications.

Most excitingly, this means we are now able to significantly enhance the speed and quality of our data capture with our new vertical take-off and landing fixed wing drone. Our Trinity F90 represents an order of magnitude increase in operational capability to quickly photograph some of the larger sites we are now currently working on for our clients.

The capabilities of the Trinity F90 include:

  • Ability to map large and extremely large areas in a single flight instead of over multiple flights over multiple days
  • Integrated Post Processing Kinematics to achieve high degrees of accuracy in the data capture
  • Large payload capacity allowing for higher quality optics and camera sensors allowing the drone to fly at a higher altitude without a loss in product quality.
  • Produce safe flight plans with the integrated automated 3D planning software;
  • 2 independent isolated radio controls connected to the drone in flight for safe operations in case of equipment failure.

We are beyond excited at the opportunities this provides for ourselves and our clients. For all enquiries please contact us at

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