Western Sydney Aerotropolis

This is an important update for our valued clients regarding the Western Sydney Aerotropolis.

The NSW Government has released further documents today related to the planning for the Aerotropolis. These include:

  • Explanation of Intended Effects to amend Environmental Planning Instruments in relation to the Western Sydney Aerotropolis
  • Open Space Needs Study
  • Luddenham Village Discussion Paper
  • Draft Western Sydney Aerotropolis Development Control Plan – Phase 2

The documents are in part a response to significant concern from the development industry and community however they are also in part the natural progression of planning for the Aerotropolis. Significant changes include:

  • Amendments to the South Creek Environmental & Recreation zone boundaries in the Liverpool LGA
  • Identification of local open space and drainage lands on the SEPP Land Reservation Acquisition map and Land Zoning map (resulting in further encroachment on developable land in some areas)
  • Adjustments to the extent of the Outer Sydney Orbital corridor on the Transport Corridors map

The Phase 2 DCP builds on the existing Phase 1 DCP and includes more detailed provisions as would ordinarily be expected in any DCP.

The documents are on public exhibition now until 8 November. As DPIE expects to finalise these planning elements before the end of 2021, if you have interests in the Aerotropolis or are currently looking into acquisitions in this area, we strongly recommend reviewing the exhibition package and making a submission.

If you’d like to know more, or are considering lodging a submission and need help, please contact our Planning Manager – Nathan Croft on 0419 845 089.










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