Do I Really Need A Project Manager?

One of the most common questions we’re asked by both our established industry peers and those dabbling in development for the first time is whether we see a need for a dedicated Project Manager. It’s true that in some instances, the need for a dedicated Project Manager may be superfluous, however, in most cases, we’ve found the engagement of a proactive, experienced, and insightful Project Manager serves as a critical factor in determining both the likelihood and extent of success of a project.

At Orion, we understand this decision is often determined by the following key factors:

Understanding foreseeable project intricacies.
I mean, which individual can foresee a development’s full lifecycle and the multiple permutations that could play out? With a highly experienced and well-rounded team, we’re able to. We have project managers that have professional backgrounds in not only engineering but infrastructure, structures, finance, landscaping, sustainability, smarter cities and even marketing who work together. This sets up a project’s success whether it be during the due diligence phase of an acquisition, the concept development and optioneering of the site or refinements through the project lifecycle to ensure optimal outcomes and yields in line with the original vision set out by our Clients. Our Project Managers not only run the project in line with the given direction but work in partnership with our clients to achieve superior outcomes.

Familiarity with the local area.
We have an established presence throughout NSW, including the North West and South West Growth Centres, Greater Sydney, the Hunter, Wollongong, the South Coast, Central West. Our experience covers greenfield and brownfield development sites, as well as infrastructure planning and delivery. Our Project Managers have the collective know-how of the local area sectors, local markets and the authorities that govern them. This is leveraged by our partners to the benefit of their respective developments. Excitingly, we’re still expanding…

Appetite to mitigate development risks.
A Development Manager has a large responsibility to his shareholders. Partnered with a proactive and knowledgeable Project Manager, they will often identify risks before they become significant issues, addressing them early enough within the development phase to smooth out the development cycle and minimize risk exposure. On the same token, a well-experienced Project Manager that has been around the grounds and delivered similarly scoped projects can identify areas of improvement to add value and create opportunities for the developer.

Allocated financial budgets to deliver the project.
Understandably, a project budget may be allocated to non-negotiables such as construction costs, environmental testing, and authority costs, limiting what can be attributed to a Project Manager. With that said, where the budget allows, the engagement of a Project Manager will pay dividends in ensuring ongoing costs remain competitive and controlled by assisting in the identification of risks that could lead to cost blowouts. This service also extends managing programmes and efficiencies to ensure they are delivered in line or ahead of schedule to the benefit of the bottom line, and at times to the benefit of anticipated revenue.

If any of this resonates with you, we’d love the opportunity to  discuss how one of our Project Managers can assist in you in your next endeavour.

Please contact our Manager – Projects Joshua Pineda, on 0474 444 702 or at

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