Coming back to work after the Christmas break is generally easygoing for the first couple of days. It’s quieter and marginally slower which allows more time to plan and strategically address what’s in front of you. However, this time is short-lived, and we are back in the trenches soon enough.

We live in an increasingly busy era, and we want to ensure every minute spent is serving a purpose.

I think a key question that a lot of people will be asking themselves when back in the thick of it this year will be:

Is what I’m doing creating any value? Is there any opportunity here? Why am I here?

At Orion we have always had a Vision and Direction in response to the question of ‘why?’ and at the end of last year, we set in place a new 2026 Vision for Orion.

Our new Vision builds on nearly 7 years of investment, hard work, and commitment to our original plan which has seen us thrive and grow into a successful team of nearly 80 staff across a range of specialised development services, regions, and market segments.

We are now strategically actioning our 2026 Vision which sets a new cornerstone and era for Orion.

Our new Vision is aimed squarely at creating value and opportunity for the people that engage with Orion. These people are our clients, our team and the community that live in the spaces we create.

Why am I here?

I am here because Orion has an ambitious Vision, and I am committed to achieving it.

I know where Orion is headed and it’s exciting to be part of it.

I am here because we have only just begun the next phase of Orion’s expanding horizons and I cannot wait to keep challenging, disrupting, and outperforming.

Orion’s future is bright, and I am looking forward to the new opportunities we will announce this year.

Philip Byrum | Director – Orion Consulting

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