Drone Eyed View

Drones are not new but what is new is a team passionate about drone technology and with expertise and experience to deliver a high-quality drone footage in 4k and a 3D digital model in a short period of time.

Flying drones is just a small part of what we do, but it is fast becoming a necessary and beneficial part of the overall development process. Drones add another dimension to site analysis and design production that once required a computer with traditional design software. Technology is growing so fast and now we have the ability for you to interact with your development site on your hand-held device.

Here at Orion, we are beyond excited with the current and future opportunities within the Drone & Digital team, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with technology and smarts. With the new year upon us we would visually showcase our drone capabilities in a 4-part series.

Part 1 of this series is an introduction to the aerial photography and 3D model process. We use drones to take precise and heavily detailed snapshots of a project whether this is to record progress inspections during construction or to construct a timeline of a project over time.

Drones can be programmed to follow the same set path during each site visit allowing us to stitch together a moving timeline of the project, perfect for tasks like calculating and tracking stockpile volumes and locations. Height and flying speed can also all be set to ensure consistency during the life of the project.

Last year Orion invested further in our drone capabilities with new state-of-the-art drones, automated 3D flight planning software & training of staff certified with Remote Pilot License through Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

With our newest arrival – the Trinity F90+ – equipped with high quality optics and camera sensors, we can significantly enhance the speed and data capturing capabilities producing the highest quality imagery.

Processing of raw photos using advanced imaged-based 3D modelling software combined with GPS data and ground control points can produce 2D aerial, 3D point cloud and digital terrain models providing our clients detailed visuals in millimetre accuracy.

Drone technology that combines 3D modelling and GPS data provides detailed access to sites where the terrain is difficult or physical access to properties is not available, where vast areas of terrain need to be covered quickly, or it is just too hot for the Survey team to be onsite for extended periods of time.

Work that traditionally required a survey team is now be done by a single drone operator!

Much to come. Watch this space to see more about what Orion is able to offer and, in the meantime, reach out if you’d like to know more about how our drone capabilities can drive your project efficiencies further.


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