Enhancing Residential Sales  

As we touched on in our last post, drone technology is advancing rapidly, both in terms of capability and application. In this post we would like to show you what drone footage combined with a dwelling design looks like and the benefits that can be achieved from its application. For our residential developers it provides the opportunity to visualise the design over their specific site and see how it fits in with the overall area. It can show the connectivity of the overall road layouts against current ILPs, or it can also be used to inform decisions to challenge the current layout and to inform a preferred configuration. It also provides the ability to visualise open space and riparian embellishment, connectivity of path and cycle networks, or to enable a full representation of a master planned estate.

For a sales team, the ability to be able to illustrate a lot to potential buyer in a 3D layout that captures retaining walls, street trees, light posts, substations, and parks can assist those who have trouble visualising the community in which they want to build their dream home. They may even feel they are there already! We can also place a selection of existing house designs on the lot to assist with determining which builder’s product suits the site.

This application can be further extended to our industrial and infrastructure clients where designs are overlaid on the latest aerial imagery. Potential risks and development opportunities can be seen in an enhanced detail, supporting a more detailed assessment of design options, construction staging, and site activation to be undertaken.

Stay tuned for our next post, as we dive deeper into an immersive digital world.

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