About Orion >

Orion Consulting provides high quality Engineering Design, Project Management, Construction Management, Development Services, AR/VR and Urban and Regional Planning services to its Clients with the particular scope of services tailored to suit the specific needs of each individual project. We take the time to understand the key drivers to success and prepare project specific management plans to best address the unique challenges that will be faced along the way.

Each of our business units has a wealth of intrinsic knowledge that is then shared amongst and in deed challenged by its peers to provide a high value and rounded service to our clients. The combined depth of expertise and experience provides our clients and business partners with the certainty in the delivery of their projects that they can literally bank on.

We take a collaborative and innovative approach to our work, not just amongst our own but also with the engagement of our Clients, stakeholders and the broader project teams. We are always seeking to identify opportunities to do things better.

Importantly, we also take the time to enjoy and share the success of our projects.