The Bella Rise project commenced in 2015 with master planning through to the delivery of a development that will yield 180 residential lots with 4 Superlots with potential yield of an additional 32 abutting dwellings as an integrated development.

The Orion team was engaged by Goldmate to provide Project Management, Design and Construction Management services for the project.

  • The site was a development across several titles that were originally accessed by a State Classified road, Garfield Road East. One of the titles of the development was held by another developer that were included in the master planning and final delivery of the development.
  • The Riverstone Indicative Layout Plan did not present a viable road pattern for the lot product that was in demand at the time of development. There was an additional constraint due to an adjoining land owner to the west of the site confirming their intention to not develop their land, meaning that a key connection and drainage corridor would never be able to be completed. The result of the site constraints resulted in the need for an amended ILP and revised drainage strategy as part of the development.
  • The site was traversed by an existing easement for overhead HV lines that were required to be relocated underground and the associated easement extinguished.
  • There was no waste water infrastructure available to the site and a lead-in waste water lines were needed to be constructed across private properties.

The master planning of the site, completed by an independent Senior Urban designer with the assistance of Orion and independent traffic planning advice, resulted in a yield that whilst achieving Goldmate’s feasibility targets, required an amendment to the Riverstone ILP. Whilst the amendment to the ILP along with other boundary interface issues were required to be addressed through the Land and Environment Court process, the development team were able to settle outside of a final court determination, thereby expediting the DA approval process.
Grading challenges arising from the deletion of the public road connection to the west of the site meant that only a single point of discharge from the northern extent of the site was achievable. Orion worked with the adjoining developers and consultants to prepare a consolidated drainage plan that considered the proposed catchment variation and ultimately obtained approval from Blacktown Council.
Early engagement with RMS during the planning phase ensured that the ultimate intent for Garfield Rd East was considered within the Orion concept design, resulting in RMS approval prior to lodging the Development Application. Similarly, the early assessment of risks associated with the relocation of the Endeavour HV transmission line meant that a clear strategy for its removal and relocation could be established and executed. The subsequent release of the easement did not result in any delays to the Subdivision Certificate process.
Orion also undertook the access management, design, construction and restoration of the sewer lead-in infrastructure. Works were able to commence in advance of the subdivision works, thereby reducing the risk of multiple contractors and ensuring that there was no risk to the final approval from Sydney Water.

The ability to deliver a layout that met the developer’s feasibility targets, along with the implementation of a proactive planning approval strategy was fundamental success of this project.
Early identification of risks associated with authority approvals, ILP amendments and delivery of trunk utility infrastructure ensured that delivery risk was mitigated and impacts to the ultimate approval significantly reduced.
The approach taken by Orion meant that Goldmate could be confident that such a complex project was being properly administered and that the challenges encountered were being managed in a proactive manner.

Project Manager, Design, Construction Management and Contract Superintendence

Philip Byrum, Andrew Szymik, Edmund Tsang, Chris Suarez