The East-West Connector Road Stage 1 links two of the three residential precincts within Lendlease’s 1,500Ha St Marys development. Stage 1 consisted of the demolition of the existing bridge, and replacement with a new bridge over Ropes Creek, along with the construction of 1.4km of carriageway including earthworks, drainage, pavement, retaining walls, street lighting and landscaping.

Orion Consulting was engaged by Lendlease to provide Construction Project Management and Principal’s Representative services for the duration of the project. 

The East-West Connector Road is surrounded by environmentally sensitive areas within the Wianamatta Regional Park, which is managed by National Parks & Wildlife Services (NSW). The Regional Park is home to sensitive fauna and flora, as well as Ropes Creek and its associated tributaries, that needed to be protected throughout the full contract duration. Stringent sediment and erosion controls were required to reduce the risk of contamination.  

Orion Consulting regularly undertakes Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Inspections on a weekly basis to ensure that Lendlease’s stringent Global Minimum Requirements (GMRs) are being adhered to by the Principal Contractor and its Subcontractors. Perimeter fencing and water quality are rigorously monitored to ensure risk to wildlife is mitigated. Lendlease and Orion Consulting has also ensured that NPWS has a proactive role in the project dialogue, thereby ensuring that appropriate mitigation strategies are put in place prior to the event.

As environmental health and safety is paramount to the cultures of both Lendlease and Orion, we are committed to taking a proactive approach to risk identification and mitigation across all aspects of the project. 

Orion Consulting promotes open dialogue with Lendlease, NPWS, Blacktown City Council and the Principal Contractor to review project plans to identify any construction challenges upfront, thereby ensuring that the project is delivered within anticipated timeframes whilst also meeting critical safety and quality requirements.

During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lendlease made the decision to restrict the number of personnel attending site. To ensure that standards and programmes were maintained, Orion Consulting utilised its drone technology to capture site images on a weekly basis, which in addition to assisting with construction monitoring and record keeping, also enabled visual updates to be provided to all relevant stakeholders.

Principal’s Representative

Construction Project Management

Chris Suarez, Trent Argaet