Links Road Portion A involves the upgrade of the existing road adjacent Lendlease’s St Marys development, linking into Lendlease’s East-West Connector Road Stage 3. The project consists of non-destructive services investigation and modeling, the coordination of utility designs and applications, and the on-going management of utility service relocations in conjunction with the civil engineering design for the road and drainage upgrade designs.

Orion Consulting was engaged by Lendlease to provide the Lead Design Project Management for the utility service designs and applications, as well as the coordination between utility designers and authorities to achieve the appropriate service adjustment approvals.

Christian Rueda, James Green, Dominic Lynch

The existing Links Road contains a plethora of critical underground and overhead infrastructure that are important to the function of the Dunheved Industrial Precinct and St Marys development surrounds. These assets range from numerous Sydney Water potable water, recycled water, gravity and pressurised sewer mains, high voltage overhead electrical, high pressure steel gas main, NBN and Telstra. From a design coordination perspective, the aim is to minimise the extent of existing infrastructure adjustment as much as possible through careful design and review of the road and drainage engineering. Where adjustments are required, proposed alignment shifts and relocation designs will take into consideration non-aboriginal heritage sensitive areas adjacent to the project site throughout the design and application process. All design coordination activities are conducted with the objective of providing both multi-disciplinary design solutions, as well as allowing for safe construction practices through the nature of the final approved designs.

Orion Consulting regularly chairs design coordination meetings on a fortnightly or as-needed basis to ensure that all service designers are up to date on the project program and the status of each other’s design progress. The objective of the regular meetings is to ensure that the designs are progressing as a coordinated unit which aligns with the desired project outcome, but more importantly that they are fulfilling the goals set out in Lendlease’s Global Minimum Requirements (GMRs). The on-going collaboration between Orion and Lendlease’s Senior Development Project Manager as well as their Senior Construction Project Manager is ensuring that this project will produce a working and well-coordinated set of multi-disciplinary designs that will result in the safety and effectiveness during the construction process and through to delivery of the project. The coordination of design extends also to liaison with authorities including Penrith City Council, Sydney Water/West Region Delivery Team, and Heritage NSW.

 Orion Consulting aims to provide safer and smarter solutions that reflect the ideology of Lendlease’s GMRs. Early and open consultation with authorities throughout the life of the project design phase ensures that the design principles we adopt are easily and happily accepted, with an appreciation for the GMRs in all aspects of the designs.

Orion Consulting’s utilisation of an on-going risk and opportunities register ensures that the project as a whole is constantly being reviewed and assessed, and the best approach is always being explored and implemented, thereby securing the project delivery objectives and timeframes, as well as the critical safety and environmental requirements.

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