The Braycharlo Estate is a private residential subdivision project to create 124 Torrens title lots across 4 stages.

Orion Consulting was originally engaged to provide development advice, which extended to the provision of Project Management and Superintendency services for Stages 1 and 2. The scope of works consisted of tree clearing and remediation works, bulk earthworks including basin excavation, road pavement and drainage infrastructure, retaining walls, utility servicing and landscaping.

Orion Consulting was engaged by Macbeth Family Trust to provide Project Management and Superintendent services for the construction phase of the project. 

Orion Consulting worked extremely closely with the Client on what was its first residential development, to identify potential issues ahead of time, to develop and implement mitigation strategies, and to successfully deliver Stage 1 and Stage 2.

One of the key challenges faced by the development team was the erroneous alignment of both the trunk potable water and Telstra utility infrastructure along the boundary of the property with Burragorang Road. In the case of the Telstra line, the alignment was wholly within the development site, and so needed to be relocated to remove the burden from the impacted lots.

The DN300 watermain was potholed with services and civil plans adjusted to suit. This resulted in significant design changes to the stormwater and electrical reticulation design, including the adoption of impact-absorbing light columns along Burragorang Road.

The realignment and avoidance of the utility infrastructure required clear communication between Orion, the Principal Contractor and Council so as to ensure there were ultimately no delays to the works;

  • Earthworks increased in depth (from 4m to 10m) and quantity to confirm to resistivity limits. A review of the limits was conducted which resulted in an increase in the limits which made the earthing works more achievable.

Orion Consulting was able to address the challenges that arose during the project, whilst minimising delays to the works. Given that this was a private development, the impact of delays to registration and settlement would have had a significant impact and so the need to be one step ahead was fundamental to the success of this project.

Orion Consulting was able to fulfill multiple roles for its client, including Development Manager, Project Manager and Superintendent, thereby providing the Macbeth Family Trust with consistent, timely and reliable advice to deliver on the project.

Orion has been engaged to fulfill a similar role on Stages 3 and 4 of the Braycharlo project.

Project Management, Superintendent

Chris Suarez