Construction of approximately 1.2kms of dual carriageway between Richmond Rd and the existing Abell Road at Raine Avenue in Marsden Park. These works are part of the Elara (Marsden Park) residential development.

Orion Consulting was engaged by Stockland to provide Contract Administration services for the construction phase of the project.

Chris Suarez

Key challenges faced by the development team was the tight program. Orion worked extremely closely with Stockland, the Contractor and the relevant consultants to meet the opening date which was late December 2020.

With extensive remediation works for the first half of 2020 (which was completed under the supervision of an accredited EPA auditor), it was critical that any design or construction issues were resolved with little to no impact on the program. These issues included staging of works, working around existing services, complying with the State and Local Voluntary Planning Agreements (VPA’s), complying with the access deeds with affected landowners, addition of traffic signals at the intersection of Glengarrie Road and Northbourne Drive as well as a lead-in watermain along the full length of the road extension without changing the program duration, and ensuring the works tied in effectively to the adjacent residential subdivisions.

Orion Consulting worked closely with Stockland and the project environmental consultant to ensure any contamination onsite was remediated in a safe and efficient manner. Due to the presence of contamination on the western half of the site, Orion was able to stage the works so that the civil works contractor was able to start the eastern half including decommissioning and backfill of the two existing dams which was on the critical path. The original program detailed key tasks being run in a linear format. The Contractor was able to review their program and split the site into four zones. This allowed multiple crews operating on different key tasks across the length of the road extension.

In relation to compliance with the VPA’s and access deeds, Orion maintained transparent communications with the relevant stakeholders throughout the length of the project. This was adhered to through regular meetings onsite and formal notices in accordance with the VPA’s and deeds. During COVID restrictions, Orion ran outdoor meetings onsite as well as online meeting via MS teams. Maintaining effective communications enabled us to streamline the works and minimised any adjustment works required by the adjacent residential subdivisions.

With the support of the Contractor and relevant Consultants, Orion Consulting was able to meet the road opening milestone of December 2020 which was not only a benefit to Stockland, but also to Blacktown Council, the Elara community (Stockland), the Horizon Estate community (Rawson), the Fernlea Estate Community (Allam Homes) and future landowners of the subdivisions currently being constructed by Universal Property Group (UPG).

Contract Administrator/ Superintendent