The project is located within the Leppington North Precinct of the South West Growth Area. Rawson Communities sought development consent for a 95 lot residential subdivision and associated works including demolition of existing structures, civil infrastructure, landscape works, and utilities servicing. 

Orion Consulting was engaged by RPS on behalf of Rawson Communities to prepare a Development Application for the subdivision of 95 lots. 

Council sought amendments to the staging of the development and later raised concern with the future built form implications of the subdivision. Built form did not form part of the subdivision application.

Orion Consulting’s Planning Manager, Nathan Croft, prepared the Statement of Environmental Effects, and a later addendum to the Statement of Environmental Effects responding to amended plans. We later prepared additional detailed analysis and justification including precedent for the built form outcome at the request of the consent authority leading to the granting of the development consent.

The generic controls requiring single garages on lots less than 12.5m width without regard for the built form design and existing precedents could have resulted in a significant reduction in the value proposition and pricing expectations for lots. Council’s acceptance of our justification meant that no further amendments were required and development consent granted without further delay.

Statement of Environmental Effects, Post Lodgement Services

Nathan Croft, Christopher Scholes