The Gables Lake is considered the crown jewel of The Gables development. Four hectares in size, it has been compared to that of Darling Harbour’s Cockle Bay. Meticulously planned and designed, its construction was the first step in the realisation of The Gables Town Centre, which will ultimately bring shopping, dining, entertainment, workspaces and residential options to the 830-hectare Box Hill community.

The Orion Consulting team was engaged by Celestino to provide Project Management and Construction Management services for the duration of the project. This included extensive collaboration with the Client and the provision of various fields of expertise, management of complex design elements, driving approvals within protracted time frames and representing the client and project’s interests during the construction cycle. 

The local authority had not seen a civil engineering proposal this complex in nature. As a result, the project team was tasked with obtaining approvals from the local government, various state authority agencies and several independent external peer reviewers. From a construction perspective, the lake required stringent quality control and supervision measures. 

By taking a highly proactive approach to Project Management, Orion Consulting was able to ensure that the design was responsive to the Client and authority requirements and obtaining approvals in advance of the need to commence works onsite. Orion Consulting also instigated pre-construction workshops and planning meetings to address project specific constraints, thereby reducing the constructability risk. The smooth transition from approvals into construction and an excellent working relationship with the Client, contractor and approval authority has resulted in timely delivery and has exceeded the expectations of the project.

The dedication of the Orion Consulting team to fully understand the key challenges facing the project and commitment to addressing these in a prompt manner was fundamental to the project’s success. Active engagement of both internal and external stakeholders ensured the early formation of a balanced and informed development strategy that was ultimately delivered.

Project Management, Construction Management, Stakeholder and Authority Engagement.

Philip Byrum, Joshua Pineda, Christian Rueda, Arun Thiagarajah