JPG’s ‘Vermont’ development at Pitt Town consists of approximately 900 premium residential lots and associated community facilities. With a minimum lot size of 1500m2, the Central Precinct provides a rare opportunity in Sydney’s north-west for large family homes with extensive outdoor living space.

Orion Consulting has been engaged as the engineering design lead on Stages 1, 2 and 3 of the Central Precinct. Orion has also been able to support the JPG team in the broader project management of the subdivision from DA through to delivery and registration.

An Indicative Layout Plan (ILP) had been adopted by Hawkesbury City Council for the development of the Central Precinct. Whilst the ILP as a whole provided an acceptable urban design outcome, the fragmented ownership of the land meant that lots were not able to be delivered in an efficient manner, compromising the overall yield and value of the development. Further, with delays in the delivery of the regional stormwater infrastructure, the engineering design needed to ensure that the impact of temporary detention basins on both yield and cost was minimised.

Orion worked closely with the developer to realise the most efficient layouts from those lands within its ownership whilst ensuring that the overall integrity of the Precinct and the intent of the adopted ILP was retained. Orion’s design team ultimately delivered an efficient subdivision layout; achieved a balanced cut to fill across the first 3 stages and identified a practical stormwater solution that minimises temporary works.

By evaluating each land parcel individually as well as within the broader ILP, Orion was able to maximise the saleable area within each stage. Designs also ensured that individual stages could be approved, delivered and registered in isolation if required, eliminating any reliance on subsequent development consent(s) or further land acquisition to realise their full value.

Civil & Stormwater Design, Project Management, Urban Design

Dominic Lynch
Andrew Szymik