The Riverstone Scheduled Lands comprises around 1,600 paper subdivision lots, which are owned by over 320 landowner groups. While much of this area has been rezoned for residential development, the land has not been developed because it is not serviced with sufficient civil and utility infrastructure.

The Riverstone Scheduled Lands, Precinct A (Stages 1-3) project consists of the subdivision development of approximately 317 residential lots held by 51 landowner groups. Under the Paper Subdivision legislation, Landcom was designated as the Relevant Authority to deliver the subdivision works on behalf of landowners.

Orion Consulting was engaged by Landcom to provide Principal’s Representative services for the duration of the project, which included the demolition of existing structures, site remediation and delivery of civil and utility infrastructure to create 317 residential lots.

Remediation of land is a complex and potentially cost volatile exercise which requires close management and diligence that works are being undertaken in line with the Remediation Action Plan. Remediation and demolition costs were allocated according to the fragmented landownership, which created a further challenge for the project.

Orion’s Construction Manager, Edmund Tsang, implemented a thorough tracking schedule that enabled Landcom to allocate costs to each of the landowners as well as maintaining detailed traceability records as required for the issue of the critical Site Audit Statements.

Drone footage was also captured by Orion’s in-house team, providing a visual record of the delivery process which can be used for assessing construction progress.

Whilst the project is still in its early phases of construction, Orion demonstrates value to the client through its lateral thinking in overcoming early works and construction challenges and through its prompt attention to issues.

Principal’s Representative, Construction Management, Visual (Drone) Records

Edmund Tsang